General Conditions

Terms and Conditions Blofield



  1. Article 1 – Signification
  2. Article 2 - Contact information
  3. Article 3 – Relevance
  4. Article 4 – The offer
  5. Article 5 - The agreement
  6. Article 6 - Right of withdrawal
  7. Article 7 - Your obligations during the withdrawal period
  8. Article 8 - The exercise of the right of withdrawal and costs
  9. Article 9 - Obligations in case of withdrawal
  10. Article 10 - Exclusion of the right of withdrawal
  11. Article 11 - The price
  12. Article 12 - Compliance agreement and extended warranty
  13. Article 13 - Delivery and execution
  14. Article 14 – Payment
  15. Article 15 - Complaint regulation
  16. Article 16 - Modification of Terms and Conditions

              Article 1 - Signification

              The meaning of the following terms is briefly explained below:

  1. Cooling off period: de termijn waarbinnen je terug mag komen op je aankoop in onze webshop (je “herroepinsgrecht”);
  2. Consumer: if you've done your purchase private, and this does not relate to your business activities (your company, your profession, etc.);
  3. Day: calendar day;
  4. Right of withdrawal: your right to see within the waiting period of your purchase in our shop;
  5. Blofield: the company that offers products to consumers in the shop, legally that is called distance sale;
  6. Distance contract: a contract between Blofield and consumers that has been settled via the web shop;
  7. Model withdrawal form: the European model withdrawal form set out below. You can find also find this in the customer service of our shop;


             Article 2 - Contact details of Blofield

Name: Blofield BV

Business address:

             William Fenengastraat 4d
             1096 BN Amsterdam

Commercial Register: 30142175
VAT number: NL8126.32.965


Article 3 – Relevance

These general conditions are applicable to every offer of Blofield and closed on every contract via the webshop between Blofield and the consumers.
Before you make a purchase in the shop, the text of these terms and conditions will be made available for you in pdf format and online (HTML) form.

Article 4 – The offer

It will always be indicated, if an offer is temporary and happens under certain conditions.
The shop is completed with a complete and accurate description of our products. It allows you to make a good assessment of our products. The pictures in the shop are as realistic as possible. It is possible that the color of a product does not exactly match with the actual color.
Errors or mistakes in the offer (such as a very low price) has nothing to do with Blofield. The consumer cannot derive any rights.
On the website and in these conditions you can find information about your rights and obligations, so that you know what to expect when you make a purchase in our shop.

                Article 5 - The agreement

The agreement will be settled when you go through the ordering process and have confirmed your order. Blofield will then send you an email in which the agreement is confirmed. As long as you have not received the email, you can still cancel the agreement by sending Blofield an e-mail. Then you can of course use your right of withdrawal.

Blofield take appropriate measures to protect your personal information that you enter in the order process and to ensure a secure web environment. This applies in particular to the payment data that are sent online.

  1. Blofield send you latest on the delivery of your order, the following information (so you can save them yourself on your PC):
     The address of Blofield where you can address any complaints;
  2. the conditions of your right of withdrawal and how you should use it;
  3. Information about any warranty and after sales service;
  4. the price includes all taxes and shipping costs, the payment and delivery data;
  5. if you have a right of withdrawal and the model withdrawal form.


        Article 6 - Right of withdrawal

You may terminate the agreement for the online purchase of your product over a period of 14 days after receiving your products. There you have to give for no reason. Disband on your model a completed form, or send an email to

If Blofield has not provided you the required information about the right of withdrawal and the model withdrawal, the cooling off period goes up to twelve months after the end of the original cooling-off period.

Blofield If you still sends the information (in the situation referred to in the previous paragraph) of the withdrawal right, then cooling off period expires 14 days after the date the information you have received yet.

         Article 7 - Your obligations during the withdrawal period

You can unpack our products during the period of reflection to examine whether you like the product. Be careful - if you want to return the product - the product must remain clean and intact. The packaging should also be in good condition.